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Asif Balwa, DB Realty : The Right Investment For A New-Age Home Buyer


New-age buyers today are well connected, have easy access to information and a specific set of requirements to fulfil. Leading builders such as Asif Balwa, DB Realty have been successful in meeting these changing demands through top-rated residential development in metro cities like Mumbai. But with so many attractive options to choose from, it may feel like a challenge to find the right investment for yourself. 

Being a high-value asset, there’s a considerable amount of homework that should be done before you make up your mind about where to invest. The first step to finding your dream home is to chalk out a list of key priorities. Knowing exactly what you want plays a significant role in finding the right home. This involves a close analysis of spending capacity and personal requirement in terms of size, space, location, facilities etc. One must also take into account special preferences with regards to floor, view and the like. With these parameters clear in your head, you can work with your builder to find the right home that matches your needs perfectly. 

Another huge aspect of realizing your priorities is to mark the budget. Given that there is a significant investment at stake, it is recommended to go for an option that falls within the budget in order to avoid financial pressure in the long run. If you’re depending on securing a home loan, make sure that the EMIs match your monthly budget. Do your due diligence to understand eligibility as a home loan seeker and also research on government policies, subsidies and housing schemes that you can benefit from. Also, keep in mind future financial capacity to select the ideal mode of repayment over time. Keep an eye out for hidden or latent costs and choose a payment schedule that works best for you. 

Not every homebuyer will have experience or expertise in the real estate market, which is why it is also important to study the industry on a personal level. There is a plethora of important information available on the Internet that will go a long way in helping you make the right choice. Additionally, working with a reliable real estate name such as Asif Balwa from DB Realty brings with it the guarantee of trust, credibility and long-term satisfaction. Well-known builders use their industry expertise to offer invaluable insights on market trends, the potential return on investment, individual suitability etc. 

As part of understanding your priorities and requirement, one must also take into account the purpose behind buying the house. This means thinking about important questions such as the number of occupants, dependent members in the household, aesthetic taste, design preferences and other similar parameters. One must account for long term plans. For example – will the property occupied by self or given on rent as a means of additional income. The important takeaway here is to accurately define your requirements before embarking on the house-hunting process. 

Buying property is unvaryingly a high-value investment that requires considerable deliberation and homework. It is important that every little detail is taken into consideration to ensure that it ticks all the right checkboxes. Engaging with a renowned builder who understands you and your priorities will greatly ease the process so you can focus on making the right investment for yourself.


Jeffrey Morgan

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