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Whether you live in a massive mansion or a studio-type condo unit, you should know that—there is no place like home. A home is still a home regardless of its size. The security of your home, however, lies with you. If you live in an HDB, choose your main door wisely, even if they’re on promotion.

You need to know your options to choose the right one. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Hinged Doors

As the name suggests, this type of door uses hinges, so this piece of wood plank would have an opening and closing mechanism. Because of its simplicity, it is the most common HDB main door, so it is often shown in the promotion.

2. PVC Doors

Polyvinyl chloride is the material used to create PVC doors. Even though they often look like ordinary wooden doors, they do not need any maintenance for absorption. That is the reason why homeowners prefer to get PVC doors for bathrooms.

3. Steel Doors

If you are looking for a semi fire rated door, you should get the ones made of steel. You can expect it to withstand the fire for three hours, which is enough time for firefighters to arrive.

4. Laminate Doors

If you want something sturdier, laminate doors possess this quality. Its fire rated door is not combustible, or it can withstand the heat of the fire much longer.

5. Electronic Door

Get an electronic door with locks if you are concerned about burglars trespassing your home. This type of door does not need a key and a digital lock password for anyone to come in.

Now you know the different types of doors that you can install and use for your HDB, you are ready to get them. In that case, check out Liminal. This door supplier offers an affordable digital lock promotion and a quality HDB fire rated door.

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