Why Your Toilet Keeps Getting Clogged

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Do you have a toilet that keeps clogging? Since a toilet is one of the fixtures in the home that are most commonly used, it can be a big issue when it constantly clogs up. Not only would you have to deal with clean-up, but your family is likely to get frustrated whenever it doesn’t work properly.

When considering for a toilet replacement Sydney licensed plumbers always advise to assess the situation first. Pinpoint what is most likely causing your toilet to keep getting clogged, then do what’s needed to keep that from happening. From problems with the drain lines, to what gets flushed down the toilet, to problems with the toilet itself, here are the most common reasons.

You Have an Old Model of A Low-Flow Toilet

Earlier low-flow toilet models just can’t keep up with the demands on them, so to speak. A certain pressure is needed to consistently push material through the trap. The problem is, toilets that were manufactured in the mid-1990s can’t reach that flushing pressure. This means material gets left behind, resulting in constant clogs.

Your Toilet’s Trap is Clogged

Toilets have traps, too. Unlike a sink’s P-trap, though, the one in a toilet is S-shaped and sits somewhere between the toilet bowl and the drain line. As the name suggests, this part is meant to catch objects and keep them from moving into the drain line itself.

It’s no surprise, then, that things commonly get stuck in this area of the toilet. Non-flushable items and excess waste and toilet paper can get caught in the toilet trap, and when there’s a significant amount, the toilet will keep on getting clogged.

Non-Flushable Items are Going Down the Drain

Speaking of non-flushable items, remember that toilets are designed to handle only certain materials. Anything thicker than toilet paper won’t dissolve easily, while things like cotton bolls, wet wipes, and Q-Tips can affect how much water gets drained, causing constant backups.

It’s also worth it to note that while toilet paper is made to go down the drain without too much trouble, using too much means that it won’t dissolve properly. This means the paper will stick in the toilet or drain lines, leading to constant clogging.

You Have a Blocked Plumbing Vent

Modern toilets and other plumbing fixtures use roof vents to make sure enough fresh air gets into the plumbing system. This is to prevent any air pressure vacuums from occurring because these can restrict drain flow. Since the vents are up on the roof, they could eventually become clogged with leaves, sticks, and other natural debris. This, of course, would then lead to a clogged toilet, if it’s the toilet vent that’s affected.

The Problem is in the Main Sewer Line

Are you dealing with not just one, but two or more toilets that keep clogging? If so, that means your plumbing system is fine, but the main drain and sewer lines aren’t. There could be a buildup of waste material, toilet paper, and other items in those areas. If there are any big trees on your property, it’s also likely that tree roots have punctured the sewer line, letting in sediment and other debris.

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