What Impressions You Need to Form of Your Wall


Painting, wallpapers, paintings, friezes, accumulation of frames, DIY accessories or stickers: the wall decoration is not to be neglected and there is no shortage of ideas to dress up the walls. Find all our decorative tips to inspire you, wake up your walls or even camouflage them.

A bare, overloaded or poorly decorated wall can quickly turn your home decor into a nightmare. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room , do not miss the wall decoration and dress your walls according to your tastes. What paint should you choose to give color to your walls? How to hang and arrange your wall photo frames ? What stickers to choose for a trendy wall decor? Find all our decorative tips for a makeover of your walls in two stages three movements. You Need to have the best and the grand wall decor ideas and you can surely have the same.

Wall panel, facing: models that give relief to your decor

How to easily breathe new decor into your interior and who throws in? The wall panel is a ready-made solution. This cover plate with many 3D reliefs and finishes is ideal for decorating a surface or hiding imperfections on a wall. You can also use it to insulate your home; to a certain extent obviously. Unlike decorative wall cladding, which requires manual bonding, the wall panel is ready to install.

  • A quick alternative, but also ecological because some models are made from natural fibers.

Very decorative collections

You don’t have to be an outstanding collector to buy an accumulation of decorative objects. The idea is above all to have fun and display nicely his favorite trinkets, favorites, which personalize an interior at low cost. Hats in large numbers on a section of wall, frames you want, here they are, which hug a corner of the room, candles that multiply in a fireplace hearth, old toys that gather under bells like cabinets of curiosities. Our collections of objects are proudly displayed in the house to become first-rate decorative elements. Demonstration of this current trend.

DIY wall décor

Rather than leaving the walls blank, without personality, why not embellish them with creative ideas, easy to carry out. Decoration, a few tools and a little elbow grease are enough to restore pep to a sad section of wall; and thanks to him, the whole room has a new soul.

Trend, panoramic wallpaper

Exotic, floral or urban, panoramic wallpaper is the new trendy reflex to transform the house and give it style and personality. Selection of the prettiest models of the genre.

Ideas for staging your photos

The photos have not said their last word. If the advent of smartphones and digital devices has reduced the number of prints, the photographs are not ready to fade. And for good reason . These daily snapshots are a great way to accessorize our interiors with a more personal touch. Some adopt the black and white look enough to maintain a chic atmosphere others prefer the good humor of a colorful collection. Distilled above the sofa or at the edge of the fireplace, in the little one’s bedroom as well as in the dining room, the photos dress each neglected corner. It remains to choose the most suitable staging between these 16 inspirations, unearthed by the editorial staff.

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