A heated towel rail or shaving cabinet might make you think it is fancy and expensive. However, they are more than their price. They have practical benefitsthat also outweigh their aesthetic appeal. Here are the fivebenefits why you should install it

Stylish Touch

Nobody likes to see damp towels hanging loosely from a primary bathroom rail. It’s even worse if your clothes are also included. It not only makes it difficult to maintain hygiene but also makes your bathroom look messy and unappealing. A towel rail can give your bathroom a stylish, clean look which will make your visitors awed by your bathroom’s appearance.

Maintain Bathroom Hygiene

It is crucial to maintain hygiene in a small space like a bathroom. Your mental and physical well-being is directly affected by the mood in your bathroom. Towel rails, which can be used to dry the bathroom when turned on, are an excellent addition. They work by heating fluids, which cause convection currents to create and heat the surrounding area. A towel rail is more than just providing warm, soft towels.

Electricity Savings

Towel rails can be installed in both electric and eco-friendly Hydronic options. It allows for lower electricity consumption and reduces power costs. Towel rails are an excellent investment for any home. Towel rails make your bathroom more attractive and cleaner and save money on electricity bills.

Towel Maintenance

Towel rails can be more than just towel rails. They are also a great help in maintaining microfibres. Towel rails save time and effort by not having to wash and dry towels as often as possible. Monsoons can make this even worse. These heated rails make your towel suitable for long-term use.

Manages Stress Levels

Imagine having your sauna in your bathroom! Although nothing can compare to a traditional sauna, the heat of the rails is enough to give you a glimpse into your own sauna experience. Place some fresh flowers, light the candles, and you can forget all about the world outside. Although they are merely heated rails, they can offer a soothing experience to help you manage your stress better.

Indeed towel warmers can be used to maintain hygiene, cut costs, create a relaxing atmosphere, and allow for better towel maintenance. If you want to experience this comfort, visit Hera Bathware to find the right information. Or check out our different branches in Australia:

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