The Upsides of the Traveling Healthcare Professional

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There are some great benefits to being a traveling healthcare professional. People love vacations, and traveling for work lets you experience places you’ve never been to. A nurse friend loves the water, so she shoots for exotic locations. She’s taken Hawaii gigs and has been lucky enough to catch jobs in San Diego, California as well as cities along the Gulf Coast. Sometimes she rents a place in advance, but just as often, she’ll fly into her new hometown and find furnished corporate housing that offers a location central to her work.

When I visited her in Hawaii, she had a tiny apartment with rent that rivaled similar apartments in New York City, but her view was spectacular. It was a tradeoff. She was lucky to find a place close to work, but sometimes you need a week or two to find just the right spot to put down your temporary roots.

How’s the Weather

Another advantage of being a traveling professional is choosing a new spot based on the weather. Snow is beautiful, and I didn’t mind living in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and a sky filled with sparkling white snowflakes. What I minded was shoveling the snow so I could get my car out of the driveway.

There are beautiful places in the northern US, but I tend to head south for the winter. You can too if you plan your assignments to coincide with the first time ol’ Jack Frost starts nipping at the windowsills.

The Ease of Travel

Personally, I hate to pack. Moving is exhausting and expensive. With short gigs, there’s no need to pack a house full of furniture. If you’ve never had the luxury of renting furnished corporate housing, you are missing out.

I’ve found that the furniture and amenities are of good quality. You get a place to live that feels like a decorator staged it just for you, and when your stay is over you leave it behind without the fuss of lugging furniture with you! And, you aren’t restricted in your choices by the baggage that you trucked into town. If you want to go light with a studio, you can. Need a bedroom or two, no problem.

Reduced Stress

Healthcare professionals know that stress is a killer. So, taking time to downsize as well as finding time to relax and enjoy your surroundings is a great benefit of renting furnished corporate housing. You won’t be scanning stores looking for furnishings, you’ll already have all the dishes and cookware you need, and you won’t have to take care of a yard. You get the gift of time. Reduce your stress when you can!

Paul Watson

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