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Elements to Consider When Redesigning Your Toilet

There are several factors to consider when redesigning your bathroom. Despite being ignored, a toilet whisks away some essential tasks in life. Over the past few years, there has been a revolution in toilet designs.

Long gone are days when a toilet was fixed in a separated room. New creative techniques have been used to insert toilets into bathrooms in an exciting way. New technology has been integrated to make using a toilet easier. Traditional bathrooms feature a toilet and a shower in separate rooms.

Slightly raised bowls characterize the new designs. The bowls are built to make it easier to sit on and stand up. Also, new flushing mechanisms which flush waste with less water have been invented.

The following are factors to consider when changing your toilet.

Stunning technology
Smart home technology is thriving to incorporate attractive and appealing toilet features. Some of the improvements include a lid that opens and closes automatically. Lighting has been made better. You can choose soft light in your toilet, which creates tranquillity and inviting environment.

Audio systems are being fitted in bathrooms. You can comfortably play your favourite music when using the facility. In addition, foot and seat warmers have been introduced to create a full bidet experience.

Stunning designs
In traditional bathrooms, the toilet was installed at the corner of the room. Nowadays, commodes are designed to help you achieve that pretty look. Significant architectural elements such as a pillar-like shape at the bottom of the bowl have been invented.
There is a broad range of novelty toilet seats that you can choose when doing a replacement. Some toilets seats are brightly coloured while others are gold polished. All this is done in an attempt to go an extra mile beyond providing basic functions. When you here of a toilet seat, a white ceramic seat comes in mind. Things are changing, and we now have polished gold seats.

More improved flushing options
A traditional toilet is designed to flush waste using a gravity-based symphonic system. When you push the lever, the flapper in the tank raises. Water is released into the bowl resulting in the creation of a siphon. Waste is pushed out of the bowl and into the trap.
In novelty toilet seats there is an option of a canister flush. This system involves a slightly large valve opening. The canister rises straight, and water flows from all directions to direct waste into the trap. Increasing the size of the valves makes the flush more potent. This technology addresses environmental issues through water saving.

Self-cleaning bowls
Innovators have introduced a bowl that cleans itself when flushed. This is a creative process that features a cyclone that cleans the toilet in one flush. Modern toilets bowls have two strong jets that are strategically placed to blast the toilet with full coverage while pushing the waste into the trap.

Picking the right bowl is not a daunting task. You only need to consult an expert who will help you comprehend different features. The main goal should be getting a super bowl that fits your needs.


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