Salt-Free Vs Salt-based Water Softeners: Which one is better?


When it comes to softeners, most individuals tend to get confused whether to choose a salt-based device or a salt-free one. There’s indeed a lot that one needs to know about how these softeners work. If you’re keen on attaining the right information, feel free to go through the following write-up.

Salt-based water softeners

The salt-based devices remove certain minerals like magnesium and calcium even before turning the faucet on. This curbs you from dealing with the annoying build-ups of limescale that sticks to anything and everything like glue. These salt-based appliances are known for longevity. Hence, there is hardly any need of changing this device on a frequent note. These devices would also provide you with a “slick” feel and it won’t be difficult to deal with the bubbles when taking a shower. If you’re considering this device as the apt hard water filter for house, it is significant to consider the drawbacks as well.

Salt-water softeners are looked upon as an expensive option. This device needs extensive maintenance to retain its functionality. Also, there are certain added expenses as using this device requires you to buy salt and it consumes greater amount of electricity and water.

Salt- Free Water Softeners

Salt-free softeners are comparatively less expensive than the salt-based counterparts. These devices don’t require any strong chemicals for treating hard water. Also, these filtration systems curb diseases, which would otherwise be the result of using harmful chemicals in the water. Such a softener carefully neutralizes the contaminants like magnesium or calcium and prevents them from sticking to the surfaces rather than removing them completely from the water. Hence, it can be said that the devices add up significant minerals to the water.

Also, the salt-free softeners are easier to install. Maintenance cost is negligible as you don’t need to buy other products that add up to the expenses. These devices are looked upon as the environment friendly option as they don’t discharge sodium or other harmful chemicals.

If you’re on the lookout for a functional and long-lasting hard water filter for house, it is better to opt for salt-free softeners. Hard water corrodes the faucets and fixtures slowly while shortening the longevity of varied water-using appliances. Don’t rely on plumbing repairs to eradicate hard water buildup in haste. The salt-free devices would readily remove the hard water accumulates in fixtures or pipes while preventing new formations as well.

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