Ideas and colour scheme that goes well with blue carpets.


It’s awesome to add colours to your home decor. Basically, when you do so, you are actually including these vibrant and jolly colours in your life. So, whether it is the ideal paint shade for your walls, it’s picking up nice hues for your carpets, if you are having the colourful element around you, it automatically uplifts the home decor. And we assume you have already selected a blue carpet in for your home. But do you know what are the colours that would look idea with this carpet? If not, then you can pick some ideas and inspiration from here.

  • The monochromatic effect – The ideal way to adorn your house including a blue carpet is opting for a monochromatic colour scheme. This means, if you have a light blue shaded carpet, you are picking up the same colour for your walls, in the lighter or darker shade is absolutely your choice. Even your furniture goes with the same laminate covering or paint over it. You should also pick the cushions, sofa and curtains of the same shade. This monochromatic effect makes your home feeling more lovelier, cosy and very refreshing.
  • The exact contrast – There are lot of shades which are called as the exact opposite or contrasting colours of blue. Like, orange is known as a contrasting shade of blue. You can also pick up white in the same manner, even red can be tagged as a contrasting shade of this colour. When you want to decorate your living room in a more vibrant and jolly way, you can opt for a blue carpet on the floor and pick up the furniture in their reddish orange shade. For the walls, go for the dark orange colour that makes it a perfect choice opposite this blue shade.
  • The cheeky pink and blue scheme – Remember the fairy-tale books you used to read when you were young? They always had pink paired with blue for some unknown reasons. We call it a more cheesy or cheeky combination. But yes, it looks lovely when it is included in the home decor. If you want to go for a slightly charming decor for your house, you can opt for the blue carpet on the floor keep the walls or wallpapers as pink. The furniture and furnishings can be a mixture of both these shades and the end results would be really dramatic.
  • The all white interiors — No matter what shade you experiment with in your home decor, nothing can match the elegance and beauty of the white. Be it any coloured accessories or items in your home decor, it goes so naturally and perfectly well with white that you wouldn’t think of adding anymore colour to it. So, if you have a blue carpet on your floor and you are looking for ideal colour scheme in that room, we suggest you opt for white. The walls, the furniture, furnishings and everything around it should be white except the carpet. This won’t just uplift the beauty of your carpet, but will also give you a very neat and clean and sophisticated interior in your home.
David Curry

The author David Curry