How to Renovate an Old Lawn


Renovating an old lawn should be part of your home improvement process as it is just as essential as renovating the house itself. A lawn renovation will improve the look of your home, which will increase the home’s values. To continue learning more information about old lawn renovations utilizing lawn care services, continue reading below. 

Why Should You Complete a Lawn Renovation?

If your lawn is over halfway destroyed, it may be important to consider starting a lawn renovation. Renovations are also completed when the grass you have does not work well in your lawn, there is severe weed overgrowth or there are drainage concerns. Lawn renovations should be considered before the problems become worse. 

When Should You Complete a Lawn Renovation?

The late summer or early fall is the best time to begin an old lawn renovation as your grass will be beginning to dry out and wither away. Find a season in which grass will be ready to grow quickly after the renovation is complete to make your lawn appear nice again. 

How to Start the Process of Lawn Renovation

The first step in the process of lawn renovation is to destroy what is already there. Dig up all grass that is there, or kill it with a natural chemical. You should also rake the lawn afterward to get rid of anything you may have missed. 

Resolve Any Problems

If you can figure out the problem that was causing lawn issues, if there were issues, this should be taken care of first. Eliminate overbearing weeds. Increase drainage, or ensure all previous grass seeds are eliminated from your lawn. This will make sure that the problem does not come up again in the future when you are trying to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. 

Figure Out What Grass is Best for Your Lawn

Different types of lawns and environments are better or worse for different types of grass. The grass you choose will also have treatments that need to be used on it to ensure it remains healthy for years to come. You can even find a grass type that is good with little water if you need that type. 

Prepare the Soil and Ground for Taking the New Grass

Make sure to get your soil aerated to prevent future problems to increase the oxygen and water supply that will come to your grass. Put fertilizer down under the grass seed to encourage growth. Put mulch around plants to encourage health to them as well. 

Encourage Growth of the Grass Seeds

It is important to ensure that you utilize the correct type of grass seeds as well. There are also grass sods that can be utilized rather than seeds. Either way needs to be fertilized appropriately so that it is ready to be enjoyed during the seasons in which grass appears most healthy and thick. 

Wait to Mow

In order to maintain the most healthy yard after planting and lawn restoration, it is important to wait to mow. Do not mow until your grass is at least three inches long. Be sure that your blade is sharp when mowing as well to ensure your grass does not become damaged further. Do not mow when the ground is moist either to ensure proper lawn management and care.

Final Considerations

A lawn renovation may be required when there are significant damages or problems at your yard. Be sure to choose the best grass for your lawn and take care of it efficiently. Utilize fertilizing and mowing services at an appropriate time in order to maintain healthiness of your lawn.

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