How to avoid any power-supply interruptions on your ps4?


Power outages can be one of the most vexing problems while working on your computer or playing PS4. The data lost due to power outages cannot be recovered in most cases, especially in the field of gaming. Such a loss can be avoided with the assistance of a technology called UPS for PS4 [เครื่องสำรองไฟ PS4, which are the term in Thai].

What is a UPS?

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is an electronic apparatus that assists the user of an electronic system or equipment in gaining a little additional time to shut it down after the main power supply turns off. UPS are required to make sure that the data with which the user was working does not get lost.

How can UPS assist PS4 players?

Interruption of power supply services can result in the PS4 players losing their data and any growth that they may have made while playing the game. Therefore, receiving a backup power supply can avoid such mishaps.

The advancements made in technology in recent years have led to the development of various kinds of UPS. Each of them is associated with a certain specific type of electronic system. The Jupiter td 10kVA is one such UPS that can provide an application to a wide range of services including providing 10-15 minutes of backup to the PS4 players.

Such a backup further helps even when the PS4 gaming system is going through power fluctuations. The Jupiter td 10kVA is specially built in order to provide heavy power supply. Based on the weight of the computer or gaming system the UPS power reserve level ranges from 10kVA to 250kVA.

Some of the important features of Jupiter td 10kVA are:

  1. Advanced battery charging management
  2. Intelligent fan speed control
  3. Wide input voltage range
  4. DC cold start function
  5. True online double-conversion UPS with IGBT design

The UPS of Jupiter series asserts of much more features that makes it dependable for the PS4 players. Citing the example of the recent ‘Fortnite World Cup 2019′ it can be noted that the art of video gaming is reaching new heights than ever before as a young teenage participant received $3 million after winning the competition.

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