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How I Found a Reliable Waterproofing Company in Singapore

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While water leakage may be considered an emergency, it is not very wise to call waterproofing contractors in Singapore into your house during the surge of the Covid-19 pandemic. You will risk contracting the virus from outsiders or vice versa. It is not to mention that you will risk the penalties for breaching the health restrictions imposed at the time.

It was my dilemma during the circuit break. It is difficult to constantly worry about the water seepage on the walls without the option to resolve the problem. Apart from the frustrations of seeing your walls with web-like water seeping through them, I also worry that the damage will worsen before the end of the circuit break. Thus, when health restrictions were lifted the first thing I did was to look for a good waterproofing specialist in Singapore to check and repair my house’s wall.

Today, I’ll be sharing some tips that helped me find a reliable waterproofing company in Singapore.

The Problem With Prolonged Water Seepage

The thing about prolonged water seepage is that it has worsened since the first time you observed it. When I first noticed the water seepage in the wall of my house, it was just a small root-like seepage the size of a hand. The constant rain and the absence of a waterproofing company to repair them worsen the problem. The seepage covered almost a quarter of my wall after the circuit break.

The lesson learned is that we must, as long as it is possible and lawful, call waterproofing contractors at first sight of water seepage problems.

How Did I Find a Waterproofing Specialist Right After the Circuit Break?

Letting the waterproofing specialist inspect my house is something I’ve done after the circuit break, but the plan spans way before that. Before health restrictions were lifted, I already thought through which waterproofing company I should call among other things. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I asked for recommendations from my friends and relatives. I also searched for good waterproofing contractors near my address. The key is to hire a contractor based on the feedback of their previous clients. Thus, it will also work if you check the reviews and testimonials on their websites.
  2. I requested these contractors to provide me with a quotation for the project, sending pictures of the water seepage for reference. I informed them ahead that the project will start as soon as the health restrictions are lifted.
  3. I selected prospective waterproofing contractors based on those who submitted their quotations and the rates they offered.
  4. I saved up the budget based on the average rate the waterproofing contractors offered, with a little extra since the price may change after the circuit break.
  5. When the health restrictions were lifted, I contacted the prospective contractors for their updated rates and settled for the one that suits my budget.

Since the threat of the pandemic is still at large even after the circuit break, we see to it that both parties are fully vaccinated. We also practised social distancing, disinfection and wearing of face masks throughout the project.

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