How does the Best Portable AC work?


The hot scorching summers can take a lot of your energy and exhaust you quickly. The Air Conditioners come for your rescue in these tough conditions. They provide a lot of comfort and allow you to retain your energy for a long time. Not only do they keep the surroundings cool but function as dehumidifiers to remove excess humidity from your room.

The Best Portable ACs are one step further to the fixed ACs. They add a lot of convenience to your comfort. You can move it around and keep them at the very location where you need the cool breeze.

In this article we would know the working principle of portable ACs.

Working of a Portable AC

  • On switching on the unit, the AC starts pulling the hot and humid air present inside the room.
  • The cold condenser coils of the AC cool down this air and extract the moisture from the air.
  • The hot air transfers its heat to the refrigerant in the coils.
  • This converts the refrigerant liquid into the gas. For this reason these coils are called the evaporator coils.
  • The cool air is blown inside the room through the blower fitted with the AC unit.
  • The moisture extracted  from the air can be removed in either of the following ways:
    • By collecting it in the water tank provided with the unit. You need to empty the tank at regular intervals.
    • Venting out through the drainage hose.
    • By evaporating the moisture and exhaust through the air duct.
  • The compressor then compresses the refrigerant on the condenser coils.
  • The heat thus released during the process is expelled out through the exhaust vent.
  • The cycle continues while maintaining the temperature and humidity of the room.

There are two different types of portable ACs.

  1. Single Hose AC
  2. Double Hose AC

Though the basic principle of working of both of them is the same yet there is a slight difference in the air-flow of the two systems.

Single Hose Portable AC

The purpose of the single hose is to provide exhaust vent for the hot air. So, essentially, a single hose AC pulls hot air from the room itself and uses the hose for venting out the exhaust air. So, no replacement of air takes place in this system.

Dual Hose Portable AC

Both the hoses in the dual hose ACs have different functions. The first hose sucks the fresh air in the room from the outside and the second hose vents out the hot air.

Final Word

So, this is how the portable ACs work. We hope that this information was helpful in adding some value to your understanding of portable ACs.

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