How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Work?


When it comes to Air Conditioning in London and using HVAC systems, the first question that might appear in your mind is what really is it? To elaborate upon it a little further HVAC systems or Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning systems are a form of commercial air conditioning which is used in buildings such as offices or for that matter the air conditioner in your car too is an HVAC system. When evaluating an HVAC air conditioning in London there are a bunch of permutations and combinations that one has to think about — from the fuel that is being used for heating to the coolant being used, to how is the coolant is being delivered, etc.

Most air conditions in London units are a mix and match situation that is created on the basis of the requirement of cooling for the buildings where the hvac system installation high point nc is being done.

This also brings us to a consideration point, where it is a smart idea, to make a list of all the components that can be used, before Beginning work on the system. This is done so that you can be over about what all are you dealing with, and In case of any need for air conditioning repair in London, you would be able to point out whatever the fault might be.

So now let’s come down to the main point, how does an HVAC System really work?

  • It all begins, with The compressor which compresses the coolant, thereby increasing its temperature and pressure.
  • The air outside which is hot is blown in by the compressor over the coolant so that it gets liquefied
  • The expansion valves in the air conditioning in London, change the coolant, into a liquid which is low in pressure, and thus is cooled down.
  • Post this process, a certain amount of heat is passed on by that evaporator that ends up turning the cooled down liquid into a relatively warmer gas, though still cool enough to be pushed out of the unit to cool the surrounding space down.

Now this being the underlying principle behind the HVAC air conditioning in London, most of the systems used across buildings in London follow it, with maybe the addition of cooling towers, which add a little bit of complexity to the system. For systems that are electric, their heating and cooling cycle are quite similar in nature.

When it comes to commercial spaces, they can reap the benefits from systems that have been connected together in order provide both heating and cooling to different floors, hence some features that you will notice in large HVAC systems for air conditions in London include:

  • For the extraction of heat from air or water, heat pumps may be installed that almost act like the opposite of a refrigerator. For heat pumps that use water source, it is done via a pipe that is actually used to carry water across the system to supply heat to it.
  • You might find either rooftop units or ground units which also have ducts that send the air that has been cooled down, into the intended area. In fact, they are quite commonly witnessed in commercial spaces as a method of air conditioning in London.
  • There might also be chillers that are responsible for the generation of chilled water that is then circulated across air cooling coils through pipes
  • Other common elements that are routinely witnessed are heaters which can be two types — hot air furnaces or radiant heaters that are responsible for heating the air by burning fuel or by the use of infrared radiation that can heat things in a direct fashion.

So there you have it here is a brief understanding of how HVAC system aid air conditioning in London. When it comes to commercial spaces, the need for heating or cooling is terms of demands of space is quite massive that is why an HVAC system, becomes quite a necessity. Also, as we mentioned earlier always keep a track what all components your HVAC system is using so that even when it comes to air conditioning maintenance in London, you will be able to take stock, as well as assist to ensure that everything is in order.

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