Fixing Dead Patches of Your Lawn

Your Lawn

Why grass stays brown over the entire lawn? Brown dead patches on your lawn make it look very dull and unattractive. Since these tiny spots look innocent initially, they can be indications of more major issues within your yard. If your lawn has dead patches or spots, there are certain ways to mend them and keep your grass healthy and strong. Take a glance at these top tips to fix brown dead patches and maintain your lawn by following the lawn fertilizer program long branch nj.

What Leads To Dead Patches?

There are many issues that can lead to dead spots or patches on a yard. These can be:

  1. Fungal diseases
  2. Sun and heat damage
  3. Bugs and other pests
  4. Incompatible grass seed
  5. Poor soil quality

Tips To Getting Rid Of the Brown Dead Patches

  1. Remove any dead, matted turf, and other wreckage

 Grass will sprout and root well while they make contact with the soil.

  1. Loosen the soil

Scrape the turf, or dig and loosen the first 2 or 3 inches. In case the soil is mainly poor, work within a little manure or identical organic stuff. Do not only throw seeds on top of hard surfaces.

  1. Spread out grass seed over the loosened soil

Opt for the top-quality seed geared for your atmosphere, for example, Greenview Fairway Formula Grass Seeds. Scrape the seed softly so that a few of it is integrated into the top quarter-inch of the soil, and some are close to or at the surface.

  1. Use fertilizer

Sprinkle a slight amount of lawn fertilizer primarily made for new grass to attain new growth off to a great start.

  1. Mulching and Watering

Top the dead patched region using a layer of chopped leaves or straw, plenty to cover the surface. This aids in gradual evaporation discourages seed failures and enhances germination. Use plenty of water to make the top 2 inches of soil wet.

Make the procedure simpler by utilizing products that look after a couple of those steps in one.

Final Verdict

Like many things, regardless of how well you look after anything, it will, at last, have to be mended. The same goes for your lawn. Whether you take good care of it or not, you may need repairing or maintenance at some point. To have the best repair of the dead patches in your lawn, choose the most trusted lawn service in Johns Creek.

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