Easy mistakes home buyers make

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You’re ready to settle down and buy a home. Congratulations! While everything is shiny and new in your mind, it’s easy to let reality get away from you. It’s easy to make simple mistakes that could have an impact over your experience. Knowing what they are and what to do about it is key.

When looking for homes for sale:

  • Know what you can afford

With so many homes for sale on the market, it’s easy to select something that’s completely out of your range. Having a pre-approval before you start looking gives you a general idea of what your budget should be.

  • Don’t fall in love with pictures

The real estate agent would be doing their job if the pictures weren’t pretty. The question is, what’s behind the pictures? You could have serious plumbing problems or worse. Do a thorough inspection before deciding.

  • Be honest

If you feel as if the homes you’re looking at aren’t your cup of tea, say so. You will be stuck with paying the mortgage, so getting exactly what you want (or close to it) is the goal.

Reading is fundamental … seriously. From the closing documents to any homeowner’s association rules, you must know what you are getting into. Leave no line unread.

  • Don’t do it yourself

You may want to save a few dollars and look for the home on your own, but a real estate agent will be able to match your preferences with specific homes and show you properties that aren’t even listed yet. They have inside information on areas and other things you may not have thought about and can help you negotiate.

Jeffrey Morgan

The author Jeffrey Morgan