Do You Want to Save the Cost of Painting Your House?


If you own a house then after every few years, you need to consider repainting it, which is a part of the maintenance.

Painting of house may be quite expensive these days due to rising cost, and hence if you do not plan properly then you may create a hole in your pocket. In this short write up, we are providing you few tips to save money, so see more here for tips.

  1. Get few competing offers

If you start hiring any painting service, it is necessary that you must get offer from a number of competing painting service providers and try to ask how much time they will need to complete the whole job. You can certainly have better negotiation power if you have a number of offers.

  1. Use a contract

While finalizing any painting service provider, it is necessary that you must enter into a written contract so that you know about the paints, number of coatings, time to be taken and it will be possible to monitor the progress of the work based on the contract.

  1. Try to do few works yourself

There are few works that you too can do yourself to save the cost and time as below:

  • Trimming of shrubs
  • Clearing the house and moving the furniture etc.
  • Removing/reinstalling all the outlet covers, doorknobs and switch plates etc.
  • If you are skillful then you can also do few activities like sanding, scrapping or patching etc.
  1. Avoid waiting longer to repaint

It is necessary that you should try to paint after every alternate year instead of waiting too long to do your next painting. You can surely save lots of paint and many other materials needed for painting.

  1. Trim your scope of job

While deciding to sign the contract, try to look through all the activities and you can omit few works to save cost, if they are not too essential for you. As an example, you may prefer to forgo repainting the ceiling or the closet interiors.

  1. Choose colors strategically

Prefer to choose colors which are not too different from previous colors which can save lots of your paint.

Robert Killin

The author Robert Killin