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Chair upholstery ensures quality furniture


When buying high-quality furniture for your living room, you must make sure the back chair upholstery and seat of your chair are high level and not only composed of a foam slab. He would be surprised how many called “fine furniture” are upholstered with foam and false leather (that is, plastic!).

This chair upholstery standard will not last long, and will soon feel uncomfortable. The best way to exemplify how a chair should be upholstered and a chair is by the example of a well-known furniture manufacturer.

The chair is used as an example, although the sofas are treated exactly the same:

  • Posts

The first chair seats are presented, using individual lengths of stretched ribbons with a stretch tool, and then stick side by side with only a small space between them, and then backward, these lengths are intertwined with the side tapes. It can be done in any way, first to place the networks from front to back: the important factor is that they are intertwined to offer a high resistance traction base for the springs.

The backs are not webbed, they only arise. Many years ago, the back would also have been presented and then emerged with small springs or a box-used spring construction.

  • Springing

The length and hardness of the coil springs are selected according to the requirement. This requires experience and knowledge according to the depth of the frame and the required hardness. Each spring is placed at the top of the straps and is ensured by clinch fasteners.

Each spring is tied to its neighbors in eight directions with polyester cable, the side springs cables are placed safely to the lower rails of the frame. The entire spring layer is now a solid frame. The springs are covered with a layer of polypropylene fabric to provide a base for the layers in a row.

The back springs use spring lengths of winding wire that extend from top to bottom, with a cable coated horizontally to them to avoid turning and keep them correctly oriented. This spring arrangement is also covered with polypropylene cloth.

  • Fill

The chair, back, and arms where they are relevant are generally filled in a similar way. The filling offers a soft base for the final cloth covers. Common fillings are polyurethane foam, polyester, and cotton batting, and while horses were used in the old days, synthetic has now taken over. The final cotton or polypropylene fabric layer is stretched on the last softened filling layer to provide a soft base for the final cover.

  • Upholstery cover

Whether leather or any other chair upholstery cover has been chosen, the final step in high-quality furniture upholstery is to apply that final cover. A very important aspect of this is to talk about care to match the patterns and make sure that the flow of patterns is maintained between separate pieces of fabric. Therefore, the pattern in the seat must flow correctly in line with that of the back.

  • Cushions

Many sofas and chairs use cushions such as the seat surface instead of the upholstered base itself. High-quality furniture requires high-quality cushions.

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