Even a Small Bathroom Renovation Can Rejuvenate a Whole House


Do you have a small bathroom and you are wondering how to make it more elegant, neat, and convenient? Worry less; there are several projects that would make your bathroom feel quite larger and comfortable. Few steps can bring more light to your room, such as replacing the bathtub by installing a spacious shower and changing the toilet and sink set up. Read on since the tiniest of small bathroom renovation projects can change the appearance of the whole house.

Updating the fixtures

Typically, a pedestal sink can be in good shape even after many years of use. However, a leaking faucet and old fashioned sconces in a small bathroom can make it appear dingy hence need to replace. Adding new fixtures can transform your small bathroom, and you may not even have to change the tiles. If you have a colored tub, you can resurface it. You can also repaint the walls and the cabinet white and allow them to match with the tiles and the decor. A white background can make your tiles look classy.

Concentrate more on the artwork

As discussed earlier, updating your fixtures and fittings can bring life to your bathroom without necessarily changing the tiles. The artwork can also mitigate tiling and be a part of the tiniest of small bathroom renovation projects. You can be hanging stylish fixtures and chose favorite colors that will add a touch of elegance. If you have a vintage bathroom, you can consider art which will connect with the available space. You can also use a metallic edging or wood frame to ensure there is a mix of color to match with your design.

Painting the tiles

If you feel the adding tiles do not excite you anymore, you can paint them instead of painting them. However, you need to use a high quality paint, and if you can do it yourself, you can consult a professional. Ensure the choice of color matches with the rest of the items in the room. You can also paint the accent tiles, for instance, the crown in different portions to avoid exaggerating.


You can try something fun in your bathroom to make it lively and modern. You can add some animated wallpapers or add a ceiling fixture to make your small bathroom have a new look.  You can also repaint the vanity doors, and this will make your small bathroom look bigger.

Choice of color matters

Some color combinations in your bathroom can be intense. For instance, dark curtains can make the room look dull, and the choice of fabric matters a lot. You can search for more coherent colors and find shower curtains that add some sparks; White towels will make the room look calmer.

Do not over exaggerate

If your bathroom is vintage, the electrical installations could be above the tiles. If you chose to repaint the walls, choose a color that will not conflict with the outlets. Ensure everything is on a small scale and if it’s a kid’s bathroom, you can add some shade that will blend with colors.


Ensure everything is functional since the tiniest of small bathroom renovation projects requires careful planning. As you spruce up your small bathroom, ensure everything is at its right place. For instance, the hooks, the shelves, and containers should be organized to prevent a distraction and ensuring there is some cohesion.

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Things to be considered while buying cement online


About cement

The substance that binds with other material and sets and hardens independently is called cement. Cement is one of the best binders. The main use of cement is the protection of mortar and concentrates the bonding of artificial or natural aggregates to form the strong building material. This gives long durable to the building and faces all natural environments. The combination of the cement and aggregate is known as concrete. You can easily buy the cement online

Uses of cement

  • Cement is mainly used as a binding material.
  • They are suitable to mix with the water. 
  • Cement is very easy to handle, use and apply.
  • This helps to make the building material strong 
  • It helps to prevent the natural environmental changes

Composition of cement

Cement is composed of four main things. The quality is mainly based on the percentage of these materials present in the cement. The four compositions are

  • Dicalcium silicate
  • Tricalcium silicate
  • Tetracalcium Alumino Ferrite
  • Trialcalcium Aluminate

Tips to choose the best cement online

Cement is the main thing in the building process. So you have to choose the best quality cement. Nowadays you can easily buy cement online. But you have to note some of the following things while buying the cement.

  • Always try to buy the authorized cement online only.
  • The authorized company must have the ISI mark on their packing. So check the ISI mark on their bags. It helps to choose the original cement.
  • Check whether the stitching is good or they re-stitch the bag.
  • Note the manufacturing date and week. Always try to buy freshly manufacturing cement like before 3 months of cement because the quality of the cement gets lost after some long time. 
  • The cement bags should be good and help to avoid any moisture air enters into the cement. The damaged bag may affect the quality of the cement.
  • Note the trademark and company name printed on the bag and also note some other information also mentioned on the bag. Check all the information printed on the bag.
  • Check the weight of the bag and their trademarks. 

Now you can easily buy the cement online. Before buying cement online, you have to check the availability, quality, pricing, shipping charge, etc. Also, note the reviews and choose the best-authorized company cement. Most of the authorized company cement is good for your building.

Final thoughts

Some of the online selling cement websites offer cash on delivery option, some of them offer online payment, and some of them provide the half-payment option. So based on your convenient, you can choose the best option. The main thing while buying cement online is selection. You have to take your own time, research well, check all the reviews, ask some other friends to select the best company cement.

If you use the low-quality cement, your building will get damages quickly and easily. So cement is the main thing in the building process. Simply choose the best company and buy cement online. Build a new house with the best cement and have a life-long protective house. 


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