Best Methods Of DIY Drain Clogs


A clogged drain occurs when the water flowing into your bathroom or kitchen sink is not moving easily. This is the rising problem that homeowners are facing over plumbing.

If you observe a clogged drain at home, you should pay attention to it immediately to avoid the hassle while doing household chores in the long run.

There are multiple directions on how you can clear clogs by yourself at home. Using a plumbing snake to clear clogged drains is one of the best do-it-yourself techniques you need to know.

A plumbing snake is a short plastic or wire tube, which can dislodge a clog through a drain. It can be done by placing the knotted end of the snake into the drain, by twisting the snake’s handle to drive it into the pipes more deeply. Continue doing so until the drain is no longer clogged.

You can also do the hot water method by using a plumbing pipe, and using a plunger.

An alternative such as chemical drain clearing products can also be used where this still does not suit. Though these products are a simple, cheap and convenient solution, they can kill your pipes if overused. You ought to be really knowledgeable about the product’s specifications, and how to do so.

By mixing vinegar with baking soda and taking down the clogged drain on those products, you can also make your product safe and environmentally friendly.

When those do-it-yourself solutions are still not working, you can still contact a professional plumbing company to help. Mr. Rooter Plumbing has the best tools, professionals or consultants to help repair the plumbing issues in the home.

For more details on the best methods of DIY drain clogs, check out this infographic.


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