All You Need To Build A Horse Farm


The horse hobby has always been considered a hobby, a reality for many horse lovers. However, every day the number of entrepreneurs who have managed to turn this passion into a real profitable business is growing. Their profitability varies according to their specialty since a good specimen can cost 15,000 to more than 100,000 dollars.

Some breeders are dedicated to selling male horses for reproduction or females to be mothers through four lines: sale of animals, direct mating, artificial insemination, or embryo transfer. Others bet on ecotourism, with ecological horseback riding and equestrian sports such as horseback riding, which are increasingly gaining strength in the domestic market. But, what should be taken into account when entering this business?

The first step is to be clear about the objective of setting up a stud farm with a clear business vision. Build a business plan where the costs and lines of business to be implemented are established. It must be clear what type of specimens will be bred, whether they are for exhibition or sport. This will be decisive for the support of the animals.

Look for a property large enough to construct the stalls and adapt a paddock for the breeding of the animals. Adapt the land so that the animals can be trained without getting hurt; first, you have to pass a mechanical shovel over the land to level it, cover the caves that may exist in the property, remove the tree stumps and bushes that were leftover from when there were trees, then it is necessary to pass a plow over it so that it is even and not so hard. Now choose the type of sand you will put on the surface; it can be beach sand, river sand, or chinchilla sand; Kiser Arena Specialists can guide you on each one’s specific characteristics and must be raked regularly to combat the inevitable compaction.

Grass tracks are also excellent; the bad thing is when it rains, you can not ride with wet grass, because there will be holes in the track that, unlike the sand that the same spot “closes” in the grass remains open:? And if you use it for jumping, in the long run, if this slope will not make holes and can do ill to the horse. Do not forget the irrigation and drainage system; Kiser Arena Specialists says it is essential to maintain the sand’s good quality.

When you already have the property, select the genetics; it is vital to buy jumping horses from the breeding stock on the rise and transmit them to the market. It is critical to hire trained personnel in different areas: veterinarian, saddlers for competitions, and farriers. The participation of equines in competitions is vital to strengthen the breeder’s brand and to show the horses for sale.

Do not rule out exporting, do the corresponding paperwork with the authorities. The tests are piroplasmosis, dourine, glanders. Making the genetic selection involves choosing and acquiring mares of excellent quality, which outstanding sire and dam genotype.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise