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  7 amazing false ceiling color combinations that can never go wrong.

False ceiling colour combinations for your home – Beautiful Home

When you are on a verge of decorating or revamping your home, you tend to care about everything. From the floor to the cupboards, furnishings, paint, tiles and what not! But imagine after decorating your house completely you glance at the ceiling and find it plain, stark white! Won’t it be a disappointment? Who says your ceilings don’t deserve to be colorful and vibrant? Of course, with a little dash of color, even your ceilings can look lovely and as admirable as your entire house. So, here are some false ceiling design color combination just for your home to add the much needed zest to your heaven.  

  • The eternal black and white combination – How can we forget the traditional black and white duo when we are talking about False Ceiling Design Color Combinations? After all, no matter what decor theme you are opting for, pairing white with a dash of black and vice versa never goes wrong. This also keeps the perfect blend of natural light and dimness alive in your home which is much needed if you own a modern apartment. 
  • The red and orange combo – The passionate shade of pure red looks rich in any wall. Even for the fifth wall of your house, this shade seems pretty elegant and captivating.  This makes your interior look so much more sophisticated and plush.  And if you think that going for pure red is too much, lighten the fire with a blend of orange in it. 
  • Sky blue and white – The shade of sky above you is pretty natural and pleasing. Even for your false ceiling, this shade is certainly going to make the place look subtle and refreshing. And if you are a perfectionist who wants to create the natural aura in the room, you can blend the blue with some whites. You’ll imagine the clouds moving above you as you glance on your ceiling. 
  • Green and yellow – When we are talking about adapting natural shades in your home, then holding on to yellow and green seems the perfect False Ceiling Design Color Combinations. Both of these shades depict the perfect end of nature of plants and sun and that is why can bring about a positive vibe in your home. 
  • Pink and peach – Love the pastel trend? Then don’t let your ceilings stay deprived on these lovely shades as you embrace them for your walls. The cute, light pink and pastel peach is what you need to create a magic fairy-tale like ambience in your home. 
  • Brown and beige –  Going for brown for the ceilings is natural if you have wooden furniture in your house. Furthermore, it also complements your hardwood flooring very well. And if you want to break over-colouring of brown in your house, blend it with a bit of beige and see the results.
  • Pink and white – We know we are being too cheesy, but blushed pink and white together creates a lovely combination. This is something that will definitely give you the most charming ceiling especially in your bedroom or your kid’s room. 


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