Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Opt for Black or Gray Cabinets?


If you have decided to have your kitchen cabinets refaced; however, you do not know what colour to go for, you may want to consider a bit out of the ordinary. If you are tired of wood tones and white, think about black or gray. These colours are on trend, so don’t worry about being obsolete. Black and gray kitchen cabinets are popular in many homes and could work in your own space. However, which of these two are the best?

The answer to this question depends on your space and your preference. Black and gray are versatile and timeless colours. They are always in style for a long time. To pick between black and gray Armoires En Gros cabinets, you need extra thought and some knowledge on how they work for a kitchen. Read to know more about these cabinetry options:

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Dark colours such as black work well for some kitchens. They are ideal if you want to achieve a sophisticated look in your cabinets. Black cabinets offer the ultimate luxury and glamour, particularly when you pair them with shiny elements such as gold. If you want a truly elegant look, you may choose a totally black palette, including the floors, backsplash, and countertops. 

In addition, black cabinets in the kitchen are ideal to make the room look cozier and more intimate. Keep in mind that you do not need to do all black. Adding a light-coloured countertop will make the space look a bit less intense. Also, these cabinets are perfect if you worry about grime and dirt since they don’t show grease or stains like light gray or white cabinets. 

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray cabinets can be used in any space but you must pick the right shade. If you have a small space, a light gray hue might be your best pick. If you want your kitchen to look bigger, opt for a pale gray since it reflects the light effectively. This is particularly essential if your kitchen does not much natural light and relies on artificial light for brightness. 

Grays come in many undertones including reddish gray, bluish gray, and grays that have a yellow tint. Among many homeowners, a light and a dark gray shade are perfect when used separately on the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet. Also, gray can be paired with white if you do not want your kitchen to be fully black or gray. 

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